Canadian Medical Exam Test Prep Resources

If you will soon be taking the MCCEE, preparation is everything. If you need more than just your textbooks and class notes as resources, you have come to the right place. There are several unique resources available to you that can help you pass the exam.Objectives for the Qualifying ExaminationThe Objectives for the Qualifying Examination makes an excellent study guide since the objectives are organized into individual clinical presentations. In a way, it puts you in a real-life scenario with a real patient presenting with one or more symptoms. Then, you are given a set of learning objectives for each individual presentation. In this manner, if you are not comfortable with any of the information, you can go back and study further. Remember that the MCE actually uses these objectives when creating exam questions, so this is one of the best and most comprehensive study guides available to you.

The MCCEE Online Demo Currently, the MCE is working to put together a “demo” exam that you can take from anywhere in order to get a feel for how the examination process works. You will be able to see a variety of screens that represent those you will see on test day. Although the demo only includes 10 sample questions, the goal is not to help familiarize you with the test material. Instead, the purpose of the demo is to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with unfamiliar software and testing processes.Multiple-Choice Sample Questions Perhaps one of the absolute best ways that you can prepare for the MCCEE involves accessing thousands upon thousands of sample questions and studying them daily. You can find a free demo of the first part of the examination, and it contains questions similar to those you will see on the actual exam. You can also access databanks of questions that you can make into your own flash cards to study in the weeks leading up to the exam. Be sure to recruit friends and family members to help, and take the time to go over any missed questions so that you can feel confident on test day.Professors and Classmates Finally, if you truly find yourself struggling with one or more topics for the MCEEE, your professors and classmates are wonderful sources of information. Although professors are often quite busy and do not have time for one-on-one tutoring, they can often point you in the right direction to get the answers to your questions – or even provide you with some of their own favorite resources. You can also work in groups with classmates who may understand the topic you struggle with.

When it comes to studying for the MCCEE, it is important to remember that everyone has his or her own learning style. Between sample questions, online demos, and even your friends and professors, you have access to everything you need to pass the exam and receive your medical licensing, as long as you are willing to put in the required time and effort.